Parental Alienation Marylebone

Children are more likely to have less psychological issues if their separating parents remain in a position to promote a healthy relationship. Mediation Can help with this, Get in touch with us today!

How Mediation Helps with Parent Alienation

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Children are more likely to have less psychological problems if their separating parents are in the position to promote a healthy relationship.

Parental alienation is among the most devastating maladaptive behaviours that a parent can engage in for the whole family. In most cases, the father is the one who finds himself a victim of the process.

Working in a therapeutic setting with kids that have been forced into a specific narrative about their mother or father is particularly a challenging and difficult experience for any psychotherapist.

The main fallout from this process is absolute and disastrous for the psyche of a kid’s mind as they are forced into alienating their loved mother or father.

Here are the main benefits of mediation and how it helps with parent alienation.

Helps to Reduce Psychological Issues in Children

The main problem that brought about the termination or dissolution of the relationship is what turns into a weapon of destruction in any post-separation landscape.

In most cases, kids are the subjects by which parents launch their attack. When a relationship between two parents dissolves, one or both of them can have a low differentiation of self, meaning their emotional maturity will be poor.

This will lead to a lack of empathy that is required to see their kid’s position and they use it as a bait to hurt the other ex-partner.

Mediation will help both parties to solve their issues without involving their children making them have less psychological problems.

Prevents Utter Destruction and Saves the Whole Family

In most cases, children inevitably come to resent their mother for forcing them to have negative feelings and awful sayings about their father.

This means that no one will win here and it is utter destruction to the entire family. The anger that one parent or party feel about the post-separation not only blinds them but also drives both of them forward with the maladaptive behaviour.

Mediation Marylebone will help since policymakers and clinicians are able to identify the problem and work as much as possible to save the family since the residual impacts from the parental alienation can last for years. Need a MIAM?

Helps Determine the Validity of the Accusations

The process of mediation Marylebone can help determine the validity of the accusations that one parent may decide to make against the other. In parental alienation, a partner may make several accusations of abuse, which need to be looked into by a mediator who is a neutral evaluator.

Within the family court systems, the evaluations made by the mediator involve several steps and people, which takes a lot of time.

Relationships can be damaged in the process and mediators are in the position to save time as well as mitigating the damage.


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